Five-country tournament in the Netherlands

At the end of last year, representatives of Dutch parafloorball unfortunately announced that the next edition of the oldest international tournament Paragames Breda, which also included other sports for the disabled, would not be held in 2023. This would have meant a one-year break for all parafloorball teams with the tournament not taking place until 2024. However, representatives of Dutch parafloorball were not idle and decided to organize a tournament with the same concept as Paragames Breda, just 70 km further north in the city of Zoetermeer.

The tournament, which took place from November 9-11, 2023, was attended by a total of 5 national parafloorball teams, namely the Czechs, Swedes, the Swiss team, which surprised this year with its placement at the Prague Wheel Open tournament, Belgium, and of course the host country, the Netherlands.

More information about the tournament can be found on the tournament’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ParaFloorballTournamentZoetermeer