The Swiss Wheely Open 2024

The Swiss Wheely Open 2024, held in the beautiful setting of Nottwil, Switzerland on the 25.-27. of April, was an unforgettable celebration of wheelchair floorball and showcased the beauty of this sport to the world. Eight teams from various corners of the globe came together to demonstrate their skills, determination, and team spirit. Spectators were treated to outstanding performances filled with energy and precision, which kept them on the edge of their seats.

Every match was charged with emotions, from the thrilling moments during play to the joyous celebrations after winning goals. The tournament culminated in a final showdown where the Swedish team displayed their dominance and deservedly took home the gold medals. This event was not just about sport but also about overcoming obstacles and providing inspiration to everyone involved or watching. The Swiss Wheely Open 2024 highlighted how beautiful and impressive wheelchair floorball can be, where passion, strength, and friendship come together.